3 Things to Look for When Selecting a Divorce Lawyer

Dissolving a marriage isn’t easy. Many come with heartache and even those that are amicable usually still have complicated issues that need to be addressed. When it comes to divorce, no matter what the situation, it’s important to have an attorney. Clients that are well represented are often spared some of the more difficult moments of the process and always have someone that is looking out for their best interest. When the time comes to select divorce lawyers in Singapore, here are three questions to ask during the initial consultation.

How much will this cost?

There are a lot of expenses that are incurred during a divorce. Ask about the retainer fee. Ask about the hourly fee for both the attorney and any other associates that will be working on the case. Don’t be afraid to ask about other expenses that could add up quickly including court fees or private investigators (if needed). The idea is to get a general idea of costs but still understand that the actual cost will fluctuate based on how things go.

How much experience do you have with divorce cases?

Some firms handle a host of different cases. This means that they are generally skilled in a large practice area but may not have a lot of experience in the realm of divorce. Ask if there are certain lawyers that handle these cases. Ask about previous outcomes. Sometimes it’s even a good idea to ask for references to get a better idea of how experienced a lawyer is with family law.

How often are phone calls returned?

No one wants to play phone tag with a lawyer, constantly leaving messages and never having them returned. Many firms have a policy that clients are called back within one business day. This helps keep everyone up to date on how things are going on the case and prevents either side from missing out on valuable information. Clients want to know that they are important to a divorce lawyer and not just another file on the desk.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of a potential attorney. Most lawyers skilled in their area of the law welcome questions as it allows them to explain their qualifications and other information that clients need to hear upfront. Asking questions is a great way to determine which lawyer will be best for the situation.