Business Development

In the face of business competition is getting tighter. Now we are required to be able to develop the business, so that our efforts can go forward and great as well as being a successful entrepreneur. Definition of business development itself is composed of a number of tasks and processes in general, aims to develop and implement growth opportunities.

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For business development there are several elements that must be considered, while the elements – an important element in developing the business there are two elements, namely:

The element that comes from within (Internal):

• The intention to expand its business becomes greater.

• Knowing the technique of producing goods such as how many items are to be produced, what means should be used to develop goods / products, and many others.

• Creating a budget aimed how much product intake and expenditure.

Elements of outsiders (External):

• Keep abreast of information from outside the business.

• Getting funds is not only counting on the inside as borrowing from the outside.

• Knowing the environmental conditions are good for business.

• The price and quality is the element of the strategy is most common. This strategy can be used to produce quality products or services and price accordingly.

A product or service that varies enable customers to meet their needs in one place. It also can stimulate the economy which in turn will benefit the consumer. On the contrary, a product line that bit allows you to explore the potential of such products with a deeper, perhaps including many alternatives for the same product type.


1. Focus on one product or service, and then marketed, promote, sell, perform any action to increase sales

2. Develop a product line to complement the products and services that already exist. At the time of your product proved to many buyers, do not neglect to take advantage of the products that are relevant to diversify its product line.

3. Find a way to increase sales to customers who’ve never tried your product. One of the easiest ways to give rebates.

4. Begin to hire someone part-time employees, casual employees or family.

5. Create a website to advertise the company’s online.


Problems in a Business Development

Factor lack of capital

Capital is a major factor that is necessary to develop a business. Therefore, in general, starting a business is an individual enterprises or companies that are covered, which rely on capital from the owner who is very limited.

Competition is getting tougher

Increasingly fierce competition urges entrepreneurs to compete with other employers, it is otherwise anticipated, the employer is unable to compete would have failed product.

Difficulties in raw materials

Difficulties in raw materials is a huge factor in the business development process. If there is no raw material it will be confirmed by the company can not perform its business activity.

Difficulties experts

A businessman requires teamwork and specialization to develop the company. For that, an employer must continue to invest in others to raise the company.


Bargaining Power of small entrepreneurs in dealing with large employers are always weak, primarily related to the pricing and payment systems, as well as the layout and small business products in department stores and supermarkets.



Access and technology is still lacking and uneven and equipment specifications are in accordance with the needs of difficult to obtain. The role of government agencies, non-government and universities to identify, locate, distribute and perform the technical development of new technology or appropriate technology for small entrepreneurs still less intensive.


The partnership between small businesses and medium and large businesses in marketing and payment system, both the products and raw materials, is felt not very useful. The partnership between small businesses with medium and large enterprises in technology transfer is still lacking.

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