Does Web Design Really Matter For Your Business Website?

How important is web design to a business website? That question has actually been researched intensively by a great many people.

The design of a website is crucial to its success. Every element is important, including the visual appearance of the site, load speed, layout and ease of use. Perhaps the most surprising discovery is how small a window of opportunity a website has to make a favorable impression on a visitor.

Is the Website Easy to Find?

Someone searching for the website’s product or service must see the website’s link at or near the top of their search engine results and click on the link. Effective web design incorporates SEO (search engine optimization) and other factors that can put the website into a top position for the right keywords.

WordPress is a powerful, open source platform and content management system (CMS) that uses a simple, clean code that search engines like. SEO works extremely well on WordPress sites. Website owners need every advantage that they can get in order to succeed in the most competitive marketplace the world has ever known.

  • 33% of users click on the top unpaid (organic) listing.
  • 30% will click on the links in the second and third position.
  • In total, then, 63% of the people searching on that keyword click on one of the top three listings.

Why Web Design Matters

Load speed is critical.

  • 47% of users will leave if a website doesn’t load within two seconds.
  • An additional 40% will leave if the website hasn’t loaded in three seconds.

Mobile optimization is essential.

  • In the past five years, the numbers of people worldwide who only use a mobile device to search has skyrocketed from 14 million to 788 million.
  • 80% of people use smartphones to shop.
  • 40% of prospects leave sites that don’t display well on their phone.

First impressions are key.

  • A visitor forms an opinion of the site in one-half second after it loads.
  • A website only has ten seconds, at most, to convince a visitor that the website has what they’re looking for.

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