Fixed Android Bootloop Due to File System Damage

Since many circuits Android system operation tutorials such as edit old.fstab to change the external memory into internal, edit SystemUI to increase internet speed in Android status bar, edit the framework to change the background of Android applications to be transparent, edit build.prop to increase internet speed Android, and others not a few who have failed. Whether it’s his own fault for not paying attention to the tutorial or indeed a tutorial that he reads the wrong one that clearly there is something problematic. For more information, you can visit Mobile application development


It might be easier if the error/boot loop is not due to a system error but a configuration error. For example, one install Android font using Font Changer. Staying in wipe through recovery or CWM Recovery if everything is quickly resolved because the wrong is just the configuration alone. But another affair when the damaged file system. Even in the wipe is not possible to recover because the damage to file system usually occurs due to error values in a file.


Surely you know what I mean is not what I mean? 🙂


One of the easiest ways to fix this problem is to reinstall ROM. But there is but it again. The case is quite complicated also because, in addition to all applications, SMS, contacts, and others will be lost (because in a wipe) flashing way Android ROM quite confusing for people who still lay. Especially for local smartphones like Cross, Mito, Nexcom, GTab, Andromax, and others very difficult to get the firmware Services.


Gratefully if you have a backup ROM from CWM Recovery. If not?


For damage to the contents of the system, the wipe was not possible to be resolved. For that reason. Right? By installing a new ROM, the chances of success are certainly. But there will be some problems that will arise.


All your data will be lost (application, SMS, contact, configuration). * Applies to new ROM, not ROM Backup from CWM

Android you will add the existing file system in the new ROM. System applications that you delete will come back again. * Applies to new ROM, not ROM Backup from CWM

The process is inefficient because of the principle we ‘accumulate’ the errors of the current system with the new ROM. So if only its build.prop is broken, with we install the new ROM then everything will be in re-generation (not just it’s built.prop)

To facilitate it all, I take a shortcut. The principle is the same that accumulate old files with new files eg when old build.prop broken we replace with the normal build.prop we have. So only one file that is replaced, not as a whole and of course this without wipe data/factory reset.

Introducing, Simple Flashable Restore V1.


Simple Flashable Restore V1 is a flashable zip that I created to make it easy for us to restore file system.

Indeed this is trivial but this is very helpful: p

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