Four Reasons Carpet Cleaners are Great at Cleaning Up

Individuals who have carpeting in their homes may be interested in professional carpet cleaning carpet cleaners San Francisco has to offer. These services are likely beneficial to people with high traffic, small children, or pets in their homes. While there are machine rentals available for people who enjoy do-it-yourself projects, a professional service will be more knowledgeable in treatment of different types of carpet to provide the best results. The following are Four Messes Carpet Cleaners are great at Cleaning Up:

1. Large dark and dirty spots.

Large dark and dirty spots in areas where foot traffic takes place the most happen on high traffic carpet. There will be more dirt pulled across this area, and as more and more people walk on the carpet it will be pushed farther down into the other layers. Consequently, many parts of the carpet will look brand new, and this particular part of the carpet will appear dark and dirty. Carpet cleaning Salt Lake City has available could scrub out these dark stains and clean deep down to the lower layers to remove the stains.

2. Liquid Spills.
If you spill any liquid onto your carpet, use an absorbent cloth or towel, preferably white in color to clean it up. Dab the towel onto the spill gently until the excess liquid has been absorbed. Never rub the spot; this will only cause the stain to stick into the carpet fiber, which in turn causes mold or mildew. Homes that are particularly prone to having stains and spots on the carpet are homes that have children. Children are known for making messes and spilling things like food, drink, paint, and other substances on the carpet. Because each substance is different, each stain will need to be treated differently to achieve the best results. Before going over the entire carpet to clean it, professionals will often pretreat the spots with a cleaner that is developed to specifically target that type of spot. When the task is complete, all of the carpet should have a spotless and even tone.

3. Candle Wax and Solids.
Wax should be allowed to dry for a while, but do not let it sit for too long. Wax and other semi-solids should be scrapped of with a spoon until the wax has been removed. Most solids can simply be picked up and thrown away. For those that cannot, you can simply break the solid up and vacuum clean your carpet.

4. Gum.
Removing gum can be tricky, but it is not as difficult as many think it is. You just need some patience. The best way to get rid of gum is to fill a plastic bag with ice and rub it on the stain until the gum freezes. Scrape the stain using a spoon – a knife will damage the fibers, and there is the risk of trimming your carpet.

The best carpet cleaning company will be able to remove stains that show up on the carpet from daily use. These professionals are trained to handle the toughest spots and stains made by heavy foot traffic, children, and pets. By selecting trained and knowledgeable professionals, homeowners can reduce the risk of damage to their carpets regardless of the type or color.



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