Have Your Very Own Shopping Concierge

Over the years, online payment methods have grown so expansive that you’ll rarely find a store that doesn’t accept your payment platform. That’s the great news. On the downside, there are STILL stores that won’t accept some payment platforms, especially if you are shopping from the UK. The international currencies accepted will all vary depending on which country you’re shopping from, and sometimes you can find yourself shut off from your favorite stores (check my blog).

Payment platforms have evolved differently in the UK than in the U.S. and other parts of the world. It’s a natural but sometimes frustrating fact. If you find a great store in the Asian retail market, you might find that your payments aren’t accepted. International wallets have developed differently in the UK for the mobile market as well. If you’re like other determined online shoppers, though, you haven’t given up, and thanks to the good old shopping concierge service.

These services have made international shopping a breeze, with a large number of them offering personal shopping assistance AND shipping assistance. Let’s take a frustrating example made right by a shopping concierge service. You go to a very interesting international website for boots. They have a wider selection than you’ve ever seen before and they offer lower prices, too. Unfortunately, your currency isn’t accepted at this store. Is it a dead end?

No! Thanks to shopping concierge services, you’re not going to miss out on this wonderful international store. You can hire a shopping concierge service on a weekly or monthly basis to do all of your shopping at this store and any other store where your currency might not be accepted. They take your order (a list of the things you want to buy from this store) and then place it for you. In a small amount of time, your merchandise will arrive to your door.

You’ll find that you might have to wait a bit longer when you use a service like this, since the personal shopper must receive your merchandise and then ship it to you, but in the end the day is saved. You have your own personal shopper to pick out your items for you and make sure that they go to your country of choice.

These services continue to expand online as the years go by. This is the heart of what online retail is about. If you want it, you should be able to buy it, no matter how far away it is or what kind of currency the store accepts. These shopping gateways continue to brighten the day of shoppers internationally, and don’t forget the holidays and all of the things they can do for you then. When the Christmas gift giving season arises, you can get creative with your shopping by hiring on a shopping concierge for you. This is especially important in retail outlets where the gifts might be highly specialized and therefore less accessible to everyone in the world. Hiring a shopping concierge takes care of this problem completely.


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