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Ip Telephone System Features The features that are parted in an Ip telephone system are actually what make them specific and interesting to a whole other level. The different manufacturers in the telephone industry bring about the difference in the features in these types of phones. Another reason for the difference in these features goes back to the sense that they have different functions and purpose. Below are a number of the features that make the use of Ip telephone systems very cool. A graphical LCD display screen is one very useful feature that in agreement must be discussed first. The fact that there are many manufacturers does not stop them from making most of their screens to be monochrome. There are made these way to serve a number of purposes in the communication industry. Most people have not checked with their manufacturers to see what advancements have been made to this feature even though there could be so many. And just like in mobiles there is a possibility of knowing who is calling since the caller id is a common feature when it comes to LCD display screens. There is no way you can say that this is common in telephones. Colored screens could be an addition to these too. A color LCD screen for example could be used for video conferencing and web surfing. There are a lot of programmable features that come with p telephone systems. Ip telephone systems are so sophisticated and this among other reason is why one would expect to find a lot of good features in the system. You will notice that a lot of these features in phones will need the phone to have special hardware build in it to make it possible. In that case, the housing will only be complete if the system is made of the in-build hardwares needed. Ip telephone systems will have a number of ports that could be connected directly to the internet of even the PC. One very important port when it comes to internet in terms of ADSL will be the RJ 11. Ethernet Lan can be connected to the phone simply by the port known as RJ 45. The same connection or rather is there are two of them could be used to make connections with other devices like Ip telephones. Personalized telephone ringtones could also be another good feature. And the significance of this could be numerous. Think of it in the sense that you could want to know who is calling long before you go to pick the phone. This can best be explained with the fact that there could be calls that could not be ignored no matter how busy one could be.The Path To Finding Better Businesses

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