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Tips for Finding a Good Photographer With the dominance of of digital photography, it has become way easier for the untrained enthusiast to get hold of a nice camera and call themselves an expert. For people trying to find the real deal, it has become quite tough to find differentiate the cream of the crop. These ten basic tips will ensure that you won’t be trapped in the usual pitfalls of finding a true photography specialist: 1: Asking for Referrals
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While it may seem quite simple, you simply can’t beat the power of word of mouth referrals. Ask your buddies if they have hired a good photographer in the past. Although they might have a stunning photo on the wall, you should learn if they had an overall good experience – was the cost reasonable, was the photographer effective with children, etc.
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2. Assessing Portfolios There are five methods to tell bad photos when looking at portfolios: > Saturation and Sharpness While these are two totally separate adjustments, you can take them as one as newbie photographers tend to really overcook them. Colors that look unnaturally bright can be too intense for the photo. Over-sharpening also produces what look like outlines around every single item in the picture. > Exposure If photos are under exposed, you will find lots of shadows with muted tones and no highlights that will capture capture attention. Overexposed photos come with burnt-out white highlights that conceal the details. > Skin Tones and White Balance Photographers should be able to show pictures with lifelike colors. Unskilled photographers never get it right, adding an artistic touch to every single shoot. > Photo Conversions All pro photographers worth their weight can convert photos to black and white, sepia, and the rest. > Post Production There are several pre-set Photoshop functions that photographers can use in enhancing their images. But you must be careful when checking edited pictures, making sure that the basics are still intact. 3. Photography Style Definitely, you must consider whether the style of the photographer is a match to yours. Can you imagine their prints decorating your walls and bedside tables? Look at the small things. Are they overboard with tilting the camera for effect, for instance, or their overall editing? Or their editing effects? Are they as skilled with their location shots as with their studio shots? Are they as good with their outdoor shots as with their indoor shots? Do their pictures stand out? 4. Cost Check Finally, consider pricing. Make sure you check all costs involved. Do you want to save the images in a disc? What’s the cost? Do they have package deals? You shouldn’t choose a photographer because of price, but it is a key consideration nevertheless. After all, you should hire a photographer if you can actually pay pay them. Obviously, you need time to find a good photographer. So don’t be in a hurry to choose. Take your time to end up with a wise choice.