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Factors to Assess When Selecting Your Boat’s Perfect Underwater Motor

Any boats, including as small as 20 feet, can use underwater electric thrusters extremely effectively. To the majority of boaters, thrusters are extremely vital devices. As such, if you intend on installing a thruster, some of the aspects you should evaluate it for include:


When a thruster has higher voltage requirements, it’ll use less current when operating, resulting in smaller cable requirements. It is possible to use a 24V thruster that may be powered by two or more batteries.
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Choosing Between Electric or Hydraulic
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An hydraulic thruster will do if your boat already has an hydraulic system in place.

Internal or External Thruster

Electric, external thrusters that are water-cooled can operate for longer periods. Their amperage requirement may be less, meaning that they require fewer batteries. Although external thrusters are not usually difficult to set up, they’re not appropriate for high-speed boating.

Thruster Propellers

Regarding the need for more thrust, you may prefer biased props as they do it better than the Kaplan-styled varieties. More thrust is attainable with a dual propeller, but for smaller vessels, a single-prop thruster will do great too.

The Thrust Element

Thrust should be the most desired attribute of an underwater thruster as it determines the push your vessel receives while in operation. The degree of needed thrust is dependent on the size and weight of your boat. Higher capacities for thrust are necessary for an underwater vessel that sails against heavy winds or bad weather. It’s better to have extra thrust than insufficient!

How to control thrust may be a factor that certain boaters may find important. If more thrust is attained as you push the joystick, it gives you more precise control, although such a mechanism cost more. Basic on-off thrust control is easy to use and cheaper.


Most thrusters have the option for remote control. Yet, this should be only an additional feature rather than the replacement of a built-in control capability, such as a joystick or touchpad. The problem with remote control is the possibility of dying of batteries at the wrong time or just misplacement of the gadget.


Measure the available space and choose a thruster that will fit well. Be sure the top of the tunnel measures, at a minimum, three quarters of its underwater diameter.


Consider the size and weight of your boat and costs to make sure you’re buying your thruster cost-effectively. The power of the thruster merits consideration also. Equally, essential figure out installation costs. You can finally avail the best underwater thruster for your boat after comparing costs and investigating over the internet.

If you’re looking for an electric or hydraulic thruster, some of the important factors that can help you buy the right one for your boat are discussed above.