What Does Your Birthday Say About Your Flower Choice?

Many things ranging from food choice to colors are attached with zodiac signs. So flowers are also not lagging behind. Your birthday has a lot to do with the types of flowers you should keep around yourself. Get to know these birthday flowers in the following paragraph.

Aries: Thistle and honeysuckle flowers belong to these people. The sweet fragrance and honey inside the honeysuckle flower attracts too many birds. It denotes a fraternal affection. Aries is a sign who is always happy with the self and they are generally sweet to people until you make them suffer literally.

Taurus: Rose is that flower for the Taureans. Taurus has some connection with the planet of love named Venus and that’s why Almighty has filled up the brain and heart of Taureans with romance only. Very romantic by nature a Taurus is very stubborn like the thorns of roses but once you cross the thorns, they are the gem.

Gemini: Lavender is the flower you should give a Gemini. Purple is a color of royalty and in lavender flower we see an interesting mixture of pink and purple which suggests maturity. In the bunch of your friends, I guess the one who knows to handle all brawls is a Gemini, always!

Cancer: They say any white flowers can be a birthday gifts for Cancer sign people. Passion flower, white rose, and hydrangea are shortlisted somehow. Heartfelt emotions are referred by hydrangea while passion flowers are attached with the crucifixion story of Jesus. Cancer sign people are lead their life with their heart’s decisions. So, now you know why these flowers are associated with Cancerians!

Leo: Marigold or sunflower are associated with people of this sign. The strongest of all signs is Leo. They have the confidence and zeal like no one else has ever had. They can even challenge the Sun in terms of energy. Rightfully marigold or sunflower are the flowers for these people who stand as a sign of youth, cheerfulness, and energy.

Virgo: Ivy represents fidelity, affection, and emotions which is true to be found inside a Virgo. For your friend or relative with Virgo, get a bouquet of Ivy flowers.

Libra: Ever seen a Libra person who disrespects people! They are always courteous, calm, and composed. Bluebells is the flower for them that stands for gratitude, eternal love, and devotion.

Scorpio: Dark red colored Geranium stands to be the outstanding flower for people of this sun-sign. True friendship, melancholy, good health are symbolized by this flower.

Sagittarius: Carnation is the flower for the people belonging to this sign. Deep love, pure luck, devotion, and good luck are suggested by this flower. Some also say that no one can love as unconditionally as a Sagittarius person.

Capricorn: Pansy should be brought for people born under this star sign. Love, peace, fertility, sensuality, and remembrance are generally symbolized by this flower.

Aquarius: Orchid is the flower here! The flower full with grace symbolizes beauty, love, strength, virility, and luxury. No doubt, why Aquarians are so beautiful!

Pisces: Bring water lily flower for people of this sign. Why Pisces people are always spiritually inclined? It has got something to do with the spiritually enlightened water lilies. Water lilies also stand for pleasure, love, and new creation.

Get these happy birthday flowers for your loved ones as per their specific zodiac signs.




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