What You Should Know About Field Service Management

Field service management is an important aspect of every business. From time to time, there arises the need to control and manage the company’s resources that are at the premise of the customer, and this brings about the concept of field management. For instance, a company will require this to locate vehicles that are in the field. The need to ensure drivers’ safety while in the field is another area that falls under the jurisdiction of field service management. Managing employees’ activities and ensuring that they are dispatched instantly is another responsibility of field service management. There are other numerous activities that are involved in this process such as integrating various activities with back-office systems. These activities may include accounting, billing and inventory. In a layman’s language, the process of field service management specializes with the need to take care of installation, repairs or other necessary services on the premise of the customer. There are cloud-based platforms and software that have been developed to help with these issues.

Real life examples

Perhaps the best way to understand field service management is through industry examples. In the field of telecommunication, the best case scenario is considering the technicians who go out in the field to run phone lines as well as install cables. This happens on the premise of the customer. Taking the healthcare industry, there are those mobile nurses whose responsibility is to tend to the sick and the elderly in their homes. Field service management is also common for the people in gas utilities. This is the case where engineers are sent to the field to deal and investigate suspected leaks.

More industry examples

Field service management is also popular in the heavy engineering industry, mining industry and manufacturing industry as engineers and technicians are often dispatched for repair and preventative maintenance. The same happens in other areas such as office cleaning, home cleaning, irrigation and landscaping. Finally, the HVAC industry is an area that has seen a huge application of field service management as expertise and technicians together with their equipment are dispatched in the field to handle industrial environment, commercial and residential environment.

What is needed?

For field service management to be successful, there are some requirements that must be met. First, it must meet customer expectations. It’s the desire of every customer to enjoy services without interruptions, and when it happens, they expect it to be resolved immediately. Safety is another requirement for workers and customers. For instance, drivers and their vehicles should be safe while on the customer premises. This brings the importance of monitoring them when they are on the field. The fact that we live in a dynamic environment has brought about the importance of field service management. While working in the service industry, you will deal with irate customers and the need to balance between critical tickets. Field service management helps you optimize your productive employees so that you can handle these things. The main challenge with field service management is low employee productivity especially in scenarios where employees are not self-motivated.