Why Adult Entertainment Merchants Need Reliable Processing

The adult industry’s move into digital spaces has made credible online merchant accounts essential to its success. Despite being a billion dollar industry, adult entertainment merchants are classified as a “high risk” investment for banks and other traditional lenders. Therefore, most merchant account providers will refuse to provide credit card processing for adult entertainment websites. Still there are a growing number of merchant service providers that specialize in providing high risk credit card processing for the adult entertainment industry. Some payment processors even offer offshore accounts to help diversity payment processing to act as a safeguard against varying regulations and inconsistent lending habits of domestic lenders.

When talking to these payment processors understand that adult merchants may have to pay higher than average processing fees, along with one-time setup fees due to their high risk business type. Merchants are encouraged to thoroughly research any adult payment processor before signing any contracts to ensure they are a right fit for their business.

Why is the Adult Merchant Industry High Risk?

Even though the adult industry continues to grow and make great profits, it has been stigmatized over the years due to high chargeback rates, higher than average cancellation rates, moral objections, and bad credit ratings of business owners.

How to Make Your Merchant Account More Desirable?

Adult merchants can make their business more desirable to lenders and payment processors by reducing their riskiness. The examination and changing of business procedures which reduce instances of fraud and monitor chargebacks closely can help reduce riskiness. In addition, adult merchants should be more discriminatory to the types of products they promote, and post disclaimers that state some merchandise may or may not work. This would at least warn customers that certain products may not do what manufactures say and reduce customer dissatisfaction and complaints.

The discrimination faced by the adult entertainment industry has traditionally kept the industry dealing in cash, however the switch to digital distribution has made online payment processing necessary. Now adult merchants must be able to process credit and debit cards, checks and even mobile payments. Don’t struggle to find legitimate payment processors for perform good online adult merchant processing. Contact eMerchantBroker.com (EMB) to learn how America’s number one adult merchant processing company will protect, not suspend, your adult merchant profits.

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