Criteria for a Good Accounting Software

In modern times, as now, indeed the existence of accounting software is a very urgent need for every company that wants to win business competition. Accounting software is one tool that is needed to process the data and present information quickly and accurately. In the development of accounting software no longer is a software that serves only to record transactions alone accounting but has been transformed into a complete business software packages ranging from modules purchasing, sales, stock, assembling, manufacturing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, GL, etc.

Choosing accounting software Quickbooks Support suitable for implementation in the company, not an easy task, because it involves an investment whose value is not small. If we are wrong in choosing accounting software, will not be worth as an investment may actually be a burden on the company. Therefore, it should be considered carefully before making a purchase with respect to some predetermined criteria.


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On this occasion, I wanted to share some of the criteria for good accounting software, which deserves to be implemented in the company so that it has a high investment value. Here are:

  1. Meet financial reporting standards

The financial statements in question, especially on the balance sheet a different format than the format of other countries such as Malaysia or Singapore were likely to adopt a British report format. Better if the accounting software can be flexible meet both of Reviews These formats and can be printed in two different languages. This is to meet the needs of the company.

  1. Meeting the needs of transaction taxes, especially VAT and income tax.

Software that can calculate the VAT, a tax invoice printing, cutting income tax will certainly help tax staff in issuing a document or preparing tax reports.

  1. Transactions and Reports meet the standards of the company’s operations.

For example on the buy-side, for small companies that are still probably only would require the purchase process starts from Purchase Order -> Purchase Invoice -> Accounts Payable, where the process of receipt of goods will be done simultaneously with the recording process of the bill / AP. But for a larger company would require an additional process for the receipt of goods which are generally carried out by warehouse staff, so flown a be: Purchase Order -> Goods Received Note -> Purchase Invoice -> Accounts Payable.

  1. Warranty support / after-sales service is easy to come by

This is very important because any time if we needed any help, would be very easy to get, in other words, guarantee this support is a guarantee of how long we will be able to use the accounting software.

  1. Developed by trusted developers

How to tell developers trust are not necessarily the views from its advertising but could be seen from his track record during this time, how long to run the same business or how long the software was developed, how many companies are using, how many users who are using, and to similar questions with it.

  1. User friendly

User-friendly is the criterion for the user, the user-friendly and accounting software user will be more comfortable to operate. Thus, the easier it may be expected to implement it. For example, the display can be customized based on user or group of users.

  1. Easy to learn, and implemented

Design a good system, a good and complete tutorial, if necessary, provided in the version of the video is the primary support to facilitate the study of accounting software apart from their Trainer good anyway.