Five Common Issues Companies Face with Multiple Store Locations

When a company expands to more than one location, there are high hopes that a new set of opportunities would welcome him along the way. However, this also means that there would be challenges that lie ahead. Here are some of the most common issues companies face with multiple store locations.

1. Management Issues
A company that must manage multiple store locations should be very careful in a sense that they should ensure that the mice don’t play when the cat is away. There’s no denying that some employees have the habit of being lazy whenever the boss in not around– they could leave early, come late, and so on.

That’s why it’s very important to train and hire managers that you can fully trust. To do that, write detailed job descriptions for managers, and make it a point that you want them to be professional and perform their duties well. Wherein, if you’d ever catch someone not doing his job properly, it would be the manager’s responsibility to take care of the problem.

2. Accounting Problems
For a company, it’s integral to be able to monitor how each store is performing. However, this becomes almost impossible if your store locations are in different parts of the globe. Fortunately, there’s a solution for this. You can always consider the help of hosted accounting solutions, such as Swizznet. Through this, you’ll be able to access the important files and programs wherever you are, because they deliver the scalability a company needs without the need to spend a lot.

3. Unprofessional Staff
Depending on the functions of the different store locations, it’s important to train the staff properly, especially in a retail setting. There are cases where these unprofessional staff can even be the cause of your fall because they won’t be able to assist the customers properly.

To prevent that from happening, keep a close eye during training process, and if possible, have them visit different locations so that they’ll have an idea of how to manage and act in their post. Likewise, try to avoid have favorites. You must treat your employees equally if you want them to perform their best.

4. Uncertainty
It’s one of the biggest issues a business that has multiple store locations face. Due to the global dept, as well as economic struggles, uncertainty has become more and more prevalent. Unfortunately, this uncertainty also results to short term focus in a sense that companies would rather focus on short-term goals rather than the long-term ones.

Although this may seem ideal, it can also hinder the company from progressing. Additionally, uncertainty is also one the prohibiting factors to get things done. As a business owner, you must learn how to overcome this.

5. Purchasing Problems
With the managers and employees at different locations, there’s always the risk that the purchasing discipline would be replaced by overspending, duplication, inefficiency and waste. To prevent this, refrain from using spreadsheets and emails to keep track of the purchase orders. Instead, know the purchasing costs, approvals, and budgets with a help of a reputable program or system.