How Companies Can Make a Coders Job Easier

Software development and coding (and IT in general) can be a tough job. Many developers end up doing far more than just coding. Some developers would even say that troubleshooting is sometimes half their jobs. However, one company intends to reduce the amount of time that software developers have to focus on issue prevention and troubleshooting. This company is Pagerduty. Pagerduty claims that their program will make incident prevention and management much more fluid. But, a closer analysis needs to be done before you go out and sign-up.

How Does Pagerduty Work?

To put it simply, Pagerduty simplifies incident management. The program does this through their two main sections of their full stack visibility system. The first is their Operations Command Console. This service allows developers to visualize the health of their programs and infrastructure through intelligently collected data that is then utilized in a variety of visuals. These visuals come from the second aspect of their full stack visibility system, the applications. The applications inform the developer about any pending triggered alerts, major incidents within their infrastructure and the various incident responders within the project. The Infrastructure Health Application also identifies important patterns and anomalies while calculating their overall impact.
An important question that many in the IT field may ask is how Pagerduty actually receives all this information. The answer is rather simple. Many applications are actually integrated within the Pagerduty ecosystem. For example, security data programs such as Aruba, Red Canary and Threat Stack and integrated to bring the developer the highest level of security information. This type of integration is even useful for the consumer, as customer support programs like ServiceNow, Zendesk, BMC Remedy and NetHelpDesk are integrated as well. Overall, dozens of programs are integrated within Pagerduty in order to make data developers’ jobs easier.

Why Choose Pagerduty

There are two main reasons to choose Pagerduty for your incident management need. The first is the price. Pagerduty customers can choose from four different packages ranging from Lite to Enterprise. Each package includes different levels of integration and data retention, therefore making the product flexible for all levels of businesses. Their most popular package is their Standard package; the Standard package costs $49 per user annually of $59 month-to-month. This package includes over 200 tool integrations, unlimited data retention and unlimited global notifications.
A second reason why you may want to choose Pagerduty is based on who already trusts them. Enormous companies of IBM, Yelp, Nelnet and Groupon have all used Pagerduty’s flexible services. This is quite telling, as if the aforementioned companies trust Pagerduty, new customers should have no fear.

Want to Learn More?

If any of the abovementioned details about Pagerduty peaks your interest, it can’t hurt to check them out. If you would like more details regarding the services that Pagerduty provides, you can learn more here at their website. Potential customers can also take advantage of a 14-day free trial in order to figure out if Pagerduty is the right service for them.