Superior Service: Ensure Your Office Runs Efficiently with Serviced Offices



For many small businesses, leasing an office is no simple task. In fact, it can be downright intimidating, especially if this is your first company. There are so many things to think about, and the worry is that something vital might be forgotten. When moving into a traditional office space, the furniture, décor, electrics, internet, and more all have to be established.


The big problem is this takes time. Even if you’re ready to go and set up to start making money, you’ve got to wait until everything comes together. Much of it will be out of your control too. The level of disruption depends on delivery services, removal men, decorators, electricians, and a whole host of people. That is unless you opt for a serviced office.


Keep reading to find out what makes a serviced office tick and why it could be a great option for your business.


Flexible Leases


Instead of forcing tenants to commit to three or five-year leases, serviced offices let them make their own decisions. Each tenant gets a custom package. So, it’s really up to you how long you pay for or whether you plan to stay for longer than a few months.


Most vendors in Thailand allow tenants to pay far in advance (for a year or more) if they prefer, but this isn’t an obligation. If you’re not sure, it’s best to pay for a few months at a time. The benefit of this is flexibility. You never have to fear getting stuck in an unsuitable lease.


Conference Rooms


Serviced vendors are all about choice, so they try not to include things in tenant bills unless they are essential or have been requested. Most offer a number of meeting spaces and conference rooms that can be hired out on a ‘pay as you use’ basis.


By not including them in private suites, they get to keep rental rates low and still provide access to world-class resources. There are plenty of conference rooms on site and, for a small fee, you can have them all to yourself. They are stocked with state of the art media equipment.


Instant Operability


The all-inclusive model means moving into a serviced office couldn’t be simpler. The majority are offered on a furnished basis, though you can request otherwise. It’s handy to have a ‘ready to go’ space, however, complete with furniture, printing tools, mailboxes, and other items.


In most cases, all that is needed from a new tenant is their computing equipment and employees. Everything is else is provided. The monthly fee covers heating, lighting, security, air conditioning, and a host of other amenities.


Administrative Support


There’s a lot of practical support available in a serviced facility. For one thing, you can choose to appoint a dedicated receptionist. Some providers also offer secretaries and PAs. They are there to listen to your instructions and process calls and messages accordingly.


It’s a big benefit for bosses who spend a lot of time away from the office. There’s no danger of dropping or missing calls. You can even specify which calls you’d like to have redirected to a personal phone. When clients arrive for meetings, the staff will be there to greet them.


How to Find a Superb Serviced Office in Thailand


For the finest serviced facilities, turn your attention to the capital city, Bangkok. In recent years, serviced vendors have been creeping gradually outwards, but they have the strongest presence in urban areas. This is where you’ll find the highest quality offices.